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Savor, the Island Breeze at Rum Bay

Indulge in island cuisine at Rum Bay Restaurant, your unique dining destination on a private island.

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11:30AM - 8:30PM

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Your Island Dining Destination

Island Delights at Rum Bay

Engage in a gastronomic adventure at Rum Bay Restaurant, where each dish tells the story of island tradition mixed with American flair. Dive into our selection of fresh seafood, succulent burgers, and refreshing cocktails crafted to complement the vibrant island life.

From Our Customers

Flavors of the Island on Your Plate

Explore a world where island-inspired American cuisine takes center stage. At Rum Bay Restaurant, every dish is an ode to fresh, vibrant flavors, crafted to perfection with locally-sourced ingredients. Join us for a meal where every bite is a celebration of the rich culinary heritage of our beautiful island.

Island Indulgence, Oceanfront Charm

Feast beachfront at Rum Bay Restaurant

Relish the vibrant flavors of the coast at Rum Bay Restaurant, where every dish serves up the spirit of the island. From our sun-kissed salads to our hearty, handcrafted pizzas, experience the joy of dining by the sea.

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Connect with us for a slice of island life at Rum Bay. Whether planning your next meal or organizing an event, our team is ready to assist you. Fill in your details below, and we’ll ensure that your experience with us is as extraordinary as the cuisine.


Home and Company Event.

Elevate your gatherings with a touch of island charm at Rum Bay Restaurant. Our dedicated team is here to tailor your private dining experiences and special events to perfection, surrounded by the serene beauty of our private island setting.