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Water Taxi to Dine On a Private Island

Savor a unique dining experience and dine on a private island with a Water Taxi to Rum Bay Restaurant.

Dine on a Private Island with Transportation to Rum Bay Restaurant

Ticket Price

$6 Per Person

Ride Duration

15-minute ride


Daily 11:30am-6pm

Last boat from mainland to island at 6pm

Last Trip

Last Return Trip: 8:30pm

Our Water Taxi Services

Elevating Your Travel Experience with Unforgettable Journeys. Our water taxi service provides a unique and enjoyable travel experience, connecting you to the tranquility of nature. Discover the beauty of Palm Island as you sail through the serene waters to dine at our restaurant on a private island.

A water taxi providing transportation to a private island restaurant near Sarasota

Discover Rum Bay Restaurant

Embark on a scenic journey across the intercoastal waterways to savor the flavors of the Gulf. Nestled amidst the lush mangroves of Palm Island Resort, Rum Bay Restaurant awaits, accessible by a serene water taxi ride from the mainland. A short stroll down the picturesque boardwalk after docking brings you to over 25 years of culinary tradition, beloved by both locals and travelers.

Dine on a Private Island

Welcoming guests seven days a week, Rum Bay Restaurant invites you to indulge in an array of delectable dishes. With no reservations required for smaller parties, we make it easy to decide on a spontaneous island dining adventure. The water taxi, leaving from behind Leverocks Restaurant, is your first-come, first-serve ticket to an unforgettable meal by the sea.

An Island Experience Awaits

Beyond the savory experience at Rum Bay, Palm Island offers a sanctuary for those seeking an uncommercialized tropical escape. While enjoying the resort's privacy and the water taxi's convenience, we kindly remind you that the island's tranquil beaches and gift store are exclusive perks for our patrons during their visit. Please remember to reserve your water taxi spot for any group size by calling ahead.